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Heating the engine with XCO

Before I wrote about my first XCO race of the season, I wanted to write about the days leading up to it, because for me everything has a bigger picture. That’s probably why I started writing this blog in the first place.

But as I started remembering the days before it was all training, training and training, a bit of recovering, then again… training haha. This is for my coach if he’s reading Anyways we had a plan of going to XCO C1 race in Premantura first, but it did not go well with my training plans (a lot of training haha), so we skipped it and decided to go to XCO UCI C1 race in Vodice. I did this race eight times already, it was my first UCI race I ever did and I already had two wins. I was third last year.

It’s a very technical uphill rocky track, and when it’s pouring rain for three days it’s like riding on egg shells.

I took it as a great opportunity to set up my bike and heat up my marathon engine. I’ve been focusing mainly on XCM racing for the past season and this season too, but I love XCO racing and it is something you cannot replicate in training.

Maybe I am a marathon rider but I still always explode too much at the start, so I managed to get some advantage in the first lap, just enough to be focused on my own riding in this slippery terrain. Legs felt fast, and the punchy uphills felt surprisingly good after a lot of training leading up to the race. I had my best ever lap times in the race even though it was in the worst weather possible, and my Stages measured the best numbers ever too. First place at the end of what I would call a perfect race, and a perfect boost before the first World cup in Nove Mesto on 15th of May. Now back to more training and the National XCM championship this weekend around a beautiful lake in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina called Hutovo Blato.


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